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NB3 Packaging Corporation - Flexible Packaging Specialists

Shrink Wrap Packaging Services

Custom Shrink Wrap Solutions for Food, Beverage & Household Products

Products that require shrink wrapping come in all shapes and sizes for nearly any industry out there. Shrink wrapping provides a tight fitting, protective barrier that can serve many purposes, like keeping products together, increasing security, or keeping out dirt and other debris. NB3’s shrink wrapping capabilities can meet any of these needs and more.

NB3 is deeply experienced in shrink wrapping products. If you know what you need and are ready to get your products shrink wrapped, contact us today. Call us now to get more information on our shrink wrapping capabilities in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia at 877-890-9590!

Shrink Wrap Printing by NB3

NB3’s shrink wrapping expertise are recognized by others in the industry and clients alike. We will put our shrink wrapping capabilities up to anyone’s and expect to exceed them. Our shrink wrapping is relied upon by companies of all sizes across numerous industries.

There is no product or need that we do not have a solution for.  

Shrink wrapping may need to be clear. It may need to be printed. It may need to be heavy duty or it may need something lower gauge. None of those are a problem. NB3 has the capabilities to shrink wrap whatever your business needs. These are just a few:

  • Promotional displays
  • Multi-package binding
  • Bottle banding
  • Anti-theft

Any of these or something else? For more information and to get started, call us today.

NB3’s capabilities include both high speed and manual shrink wrap options, which means we can accommodate lots of any size. Our processes are time honored and best in class. Big or small, your products are shrink wrapped with your best business interests in mind. We stand behind everything we do and our every expectation is that we do it better than the competition. You have a business to run, the last thing you should worry about is whether your products are shrink wrapped the right way. Shrink wrapping IS our business. Let NB3 help.

Our team is standing by to assist with your shrink wrapping needs in MD, PA, DE, NJ, SC, NC, or VA today!

It does not matter what your product is or what your volume is, NB3 has the shrink wrapping capabilities to meet your need. Our shrink wrapping is best in class and is recognized as such across Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. The NB3 team is ready to guide you through the shrink wrapping process. Questions? We have answers.

Get the right shrink wrapping solution for your business. Call NB3 today at 877-890-9590 to place your order for produce packaging in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, South Carolina, North Carolina, or Virginia!