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NB3 Packaging Corporation - Flexible Packaging Specialists

Coffee Packaging

At NB3, flexible coffee packaging is our specialty. Our extensive line of high quality coffee bags provide the ultimate in moisture and oxygen protection, and we offer unique customizable printing options. Available to businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic—from New Jersey to South Carolina and everywhere in between—our coffee bags allow for long-lasting freshness with the ability to include colorful graphics designed to appeal to your prospective clients.

To learn more about our coffee packaging service in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia, give us a call today—866-496-7279!

Custom Coffee Bags by NB3

When designing coffee bags, we consider your goals for the final product and the best ways to maximize the shelf life of the beans. If you’re packaging roasted coffee, for instance, you’ll likely need a barrier to protect your product against oxygen and moisture, preserving its freshness. Pre-formed pouches are always in stock for those in a rush to receive their orders, but we can also design custom coffee packaging that’s perfectly tailored to your products and vision.

Choose among the following options for your coffee packaging order:

  • Side seal pouches – a popular choice for coffee bags, side seal pouches are named for the fold on either side of the bag that expands when filled with coffee. They can be customized with a barrier to protect against moisture and oxygen, or in terms of size and seals.
  • Stand up pouches – available as stock items with options for a standard barrier, high barrier with a clear front and solid black, and high barrier with a solid color, stand up coffee pouches can also be easily customized to meet your needs. High barrier protection is recommended to keep your coffee free of moisture and maintain freshness.
  • T-seal pouches – often used for single-serve coffee or tea, but also available as larger coffee bags, T-seal pouches can be custom sized with the properties of your choice.

Check out our product selection and services for more information on our coffee packaging capabilities.

Custom Printed Coffee Bags

We also have unique printed packaging capabilities that allow us to create custom coffee bags catered to your brand. Our custom printing service, like our packages, is flexible—you have the option to use artwork you already have, have a designer of your choice create new artwork, or use our design partners to keep all stages of manufacturing consolidated. Regardless of which route you take, we’ll provide you with a final printout and thoroughly review the graphics with you before executing your order.

Order Coffee Packaging in MD, PA, DE, NJ, SC, NC & VA

At NB3, we’re committed to all your coffee packaging needs. That means high quality coffee bags custom sized with a barrier to preserve freshness, and packaging printing that allows you to promote your products and attract new clients. No matter the size of your order, you can always trust in us to get the job done right with the quickest turnaround time possible.

Choose NB3 for coffee bags in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia for a higher quality packaging experience—call to place your order today!